Welcome To Your Quantum LEAPS 

Up-level your entire life in ONE month.


This immersive, transformational program is designed for fierce feminine VISIONARIES eager to TRANSFORM and LIBERATE themselves from lifetimes of disempowering stories, conditioned behavior and ancient ideaology hindering your ability to simply RECEIVE the infinite MONEY, LOVE, PLEASURE and POWER you deserve. 

Rewrite you money story, create deepened intimacy with yourself and with those who matter most, become embodied in your TRUE power and FEEL immense pleasure simply by being (more authentically, more powerfully) YOU.

Unlock incredible abundance by clearing blocks to receiving on all levels while learning to give and receive LOVE in completely new ways.  

Your MONEY, POWER, PLEASURE, LOVE Program Includes: 

  •  One 30-40 minute video training (with Sydney) each week (sent to your inbox) inspiring you and activating your focus on each weekly theme

  •  Expertly curated, test-driven DAILY exercises (emailed to you) to:

  •  Activate your next-level ABUNDANCE mindset
  •  Become completely ALIGNED as you EMBODY full integrity
  •  Teach you clear DISCERNMENT of energy
  •  Cultivate intuitive MASTERY
  •  Learn how to TRUST your truth and TRUST LIFE
  •  Radically heal your self-esteem and AMPLIFY self-confidence
  •  Learn how to create clear energetic BOUNDARIES
  •  Heal unworthiess, shame and guilt blocking you from RECEIVING

  •  CUSTOM-tailored DAILY guided meditations to help you anchor in new ways of being while revitalizing your energy and integratng your deep transformation

>>>>INVESTMENT: $133<<<<

Less than $5/day for over an HOUR a DAY of intensive guidance and practical actions and rituals to RADICALLY TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE


Course Overview

The world is waking up. Everything is shifting before our eyes. Can you feel it? The old programs just don’t work anymore. Liberation is yours as soon as you choose to receive it. Feeling blocked from receiving or like you maybe don’t deserve to live in FLOW with effortless ease? This is all the old paradigm – likely not even your story at play.  

Consider how you may be living someone else’s reality – an ancestors’ scarcity story or the belief that life has to be hard or that you should feel guilty for wanting success, love or power.  

Your time to rise is NOW. You choose.

Turn off the worry tape, the self-doubt, the voice inside your head that doesn’t want you to be LOVE which is actually all you really are here to BE. 

Let's FLY.

Week 1: Pleasure

  • Learn how to ask for what you really WANT
  • Clear energy blocks in your way of RECEIVING
  • Learn tools for LIFE to activate your RECEIVING nature
  • Custom meditations, breath-work and movement exercises to get you into your BODY in fun, new ways

Week 2: Power

  • Become empowered in your intuitive gifts
  • Challenge yourself to communicate powerfully in new creative ways
  • Connect to your divine feminine essence and tune into how you show up AUTHENTICALLY
  • Challenge yourself to expand your network, ask for help, and radically express your TRUTH

Week 3: Money

  • Rewrite your money story, unearthing old patterns and limiting beliefs in your way of receiving at the level you deeply desire
  • Master the laws of divine order, divine compensation, investment, circulation and manifestation through tailored daily mindset practices
  • Challenge yourself to create clarity and structure in your finances
  • Play in the quantum field of infinite resources, re-frame your relationship with money as pure energy

Week 4: Love 

  • Master your practices of gratitude and self-love
  • Connect to your inner child, unlock your innate creativity and divine essence
  • Take all of your relationships to a deeper level of intimacy
  • Enjoy a day all to yourself for radical self-care and ADVENTURE to celebrate

So as you can see, this course is the real deal. Your fast-track to ABUNDANCE, LOVE and POWER.

 And there’s no time to waste.  

Life CAN be easy. You can be in constant flow. You can make incredible money doing what you love. You are here to share amazing gifts and be open to receiving enormous amounts of pleasure – BLISS is your birthright.  


Meet Sydney, your very own Expert Alignment Guide.

Sydney Campos is an Alignment Alchemist, Spiritual Teacher, Author and Speaker. Sydney specializes in activating visionary leaders to live in alignment with their soul purpose while embodying next-level power, pleasure and prosperity. Through all her endeavors, Sydney is fiercely committed to awakening consciousness across the planet and creating new paradigms of economy, creativity, spirituality and intimacy.  

In addition to being a seasoned Business Strategist and Certified Holistic Health Coach, Sydney is also a 200-Hour Registered Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Reiki Energy Healer, Intuitive Channel and Certified Akashic Records Practitioner. Sydney shares her multifaceted teachings through writing, her Visionary Souls Podcast, speaking, workshops, international retreats, masterminds and 1:1 mentoring.  

An avid adventurer, Sydney is likely to be found in Bali, Venice Beach, San Francisco, New York, or anywhere in Mediterranean Europe. Her book The Empath Experience will be released via Simon and Schuster in May 2018.


This powerful container isn’t for you if you’re not really ready to transform and show up in a completely new way to create instant shifts in all areas of your life in a QUANTUM LEAP.  

This is what I am here for. 

My life’s purpose: to be a vehicle for divine inspiration and guidance for myself and others to fully live in ABUNDANCE, love and true expression of our unique gifts. This is creating the future that I so earnestly want to experience here with you – everything changes as soon as we decide to take different actions.  

If you want something you’ve never had you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.  

Ready? Even if you’re not, start before you feel ready. That’s the sure fire way to accelerated freedom, growth and ABUNDANCE like you’ve never even imagined before.  

Get out of your head and into your heart.  

Miracles happen when we surrender our need to know how everything is going to work out and instead TRUST that we are here for GREATNESS, so start acting like it.  

Are you ready to FLY?

What MONEY, POWER, PLEASURE, LOVE Mastermind Clients Are Saying...

Major intentions for me going into the course were to open up my sexuality and heal significant relationships within my family. I really have made such quantum leaps in these areas since I started this work and it was because I showed up each day and did the exercises and deeply reflected on what was activated within me. It wasn't easy for me to be so honest and vulnerable but I am so glad I stepped up and faced my fears because I felt so supported and loved every step of the way. 

As a result of this work I have had a challenging open discussion with my husband about my sexuality and difficulties reaching climax - we have had some magnificent lovemaking sessions since this discussion. With regards to my family I got the opportunity to spend 7 days travelling with my Father recently and experienced a total transformation in the dynamic of our relationship - we have never been this close and on such wonderful terms.  

Sydney is such an incredible soul who challenges me and opens me up to a totally new way of being. She has absolutely inspired me to be a greater version of myself and to continue doing my soul's work.

~ Melanie Hall, Founder @ Wineheke

What MONEY, POWER, PLEASURE, LOVE Mastermind Clients Are Saying...

"I have to be honest; I had my reservations. I've never paid for this type of coaching and I didn't really know what my take aways were going to be. However, I've been an entrepreneur since 2013 and since 2016 I was feeling emotionally and mentally depleted. I have a wonderful brand that takes up 24 hours of my day but I found myself struggling to motivate myself, and after reading an email sent from Sydney's email list I was inclined to click "reply" and mention how much the article resonated with me. 

We chatted and she mentioned the mastermind and my first thought was "omg I hope this isn't a sales pitch, I don't want this to get uncomfortable, how do I graciously decline." Like I've mentioned I was skeptical. I'm NYC born and bred chic who looks at everyone with a side eye. A couple of weeks passed, I had scheduled a massage, tarot card reading, reiki session, counseling session, you name it I was looking for something to help 'unblock and fix me'. I was short of calling my priest and request an exorcism haha! 

Then one evening I was on the subway headed home and I had a conversation with myself about if you're looking to learn about self care and what that looks like to you, you have to put in the work. I told myself to message Sydney immediately, and say "ok I'm in." before I talked myself out of it. She responded with in mins over halfway across the world. 

When I signed up for the mastermind I told myself that I was going to completely surrender and do my best to do the work every day and do what was asked of me to the best of my ability. I'm a person that is very "facts and figures" and although spiritual in my own way, I sometimes am turned off to hippie-dippy ways. 

Needless to say, I can honestly say that the biggest takeaway I had with the mastermind was intensively doing my introspection work, meditation, reflection, and projections. It felt really amazing to reconnect with myself and I did have a lot of unblocking moments. Prior to the mastermind I felt like an apple; from the outside I was shiny but if you were to cut it open you had no idea the journey it had and how many bruises I contained. 

I'm not saying I'm "perfect" now, but I feel lighter and clearer, and I feel like I have tools and a support system! As cliché as it sounds if you do the work you do see results. I feel like I did an emotional, mental and spiritual boot camp and that's invaluable.

~ Lisette Miranda, Founder @ PINC Interational

What MONEY, POWER, PLEASURE, LOVE Mastermind Clients Are Saying...

"I recently took Sydney's Money~Power~Pleasure~Love Mastery digital course, and I had a huge breakthrough within 5 days! She helped me become aware of certain ways I had been blocking myself from receiving — a blindspot I hadn't seen before. Her suggestions also helped me step more fully into my power by giving myself permission to unapologetically ask for what I want, and I've experienced huge shifts as a result. Her course was transformational and I've even been thinking of re-visiting some of the material again soon. On top of that, I learned some really beautiful new meditations. If you're thinking about doing the course, don't think — just do it! You'll be grateful you did."  

- Kelly Knaub, Intuitive Empowerment Coach, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Shamanic Reiki Practitioner ☆ kellyknaub.com

What MONEY, POWER, PLEASURE, LOVE Mastermind Clients Are Saying...

I am SO GRATEFUL for Sydney's MONEY POWER PLEASURE LOVE Mastermind!! I refer back to it all the time for the meditations and journaling.

The biggest take away is when I tune in daily and do the work, incredible changes can happen QUICKLY! 

A big WIN for me during this program was signing up for Kundalini yoga teacher training all because I was learning to celebrate myself and invest in my growth!! 

What else? I was able to share with my stepmother a list of ways she is wonderful and it melted this ice pick around our hearts ♥️!!! We had a fraught but on the surface "nice" relationship for years. 

I know Sydney's magical mastermind had everything to do with this cuz it is a journey within and the meditation and journaling really uncovered so much - more ttruth and LOVE keep flowing!!! 

~ Marissa Beckett