Mastering Magnetism: Sex, Money & Power

Embody Your Power. Magnetize Influence. Create Like a Boss. Flow Next-Level Abundance.


Its time to take your power back...

  • Are you overly consumed by thoughts about money, about your financial impact, cash flow and how you can finally overcome lack and scarcity?
  • Are you anxious about your own sexuality, trusting your desires in intimate relationships or speaking your authentic truth?
  • Do you want to learn how to flow more creative energy and heal your relationship to money but you're not sure where to start?  
  • Are you used to giving away your personal power, influence and resources to others especially as a way to derive your own sense of inherent value and worth?
  • Do you have a hard time receiving money, asking for support when you need it or allowing yourself to trust that universal abundance really does have your back?
  • Are you tired of withholding your sexual pleasure, repressing your true desires and not sharing your creative gifts that so badly want to be shared?
  • Do you often feel like you're not fulfilling your full potential, that you're in your own way, playing small to suit a old story or appease certain family or relationship dynamics?
  • Are you eager to revolutionize your entire relationship with power and influence?
  • Are you eager to liberate yourself in your relationships so you can experience greater intimacy, authenticity and receive more pleasure than ever before?  
  • Are you ready to create and receive what you truly deserve, with ease and full gratitude?  

You see through the stories around sex, money, and power you've carried with you perhaps your entire life and you're ready to let them go, now and forever. 

It's time to transmute your shadows into your greatest gifts.  

To live your truth and embody your full radiant power.  

It's time to play your own most extraordinary game, in which you make the rules.  

It's time to master your energy and align your mind, body and spirit to serve your soul.  

Here's your invitation.  

Want to know the truth about money, sex and power?  

They’re the absolute shadows of our collective consciousness as well as the biggest sources of shame, guilt, fear and energy drain.

Don't you agree?

And you know what else?

These core elements of our lives - upon which so much of our survival is dependent upon - are the most visible manifestations of our absolute magnetism and inherent divine power.  

What would it be like to completely harness the true power of these energetics in full integrity and complete alignment in every area of your life?

What would it feel like to fully release shame, your shadow, any guilt, resistance or drained energy you're experiencing in these realms? 

How free do you want to be?

Do you want to understand what sex really has to do with money?  

The findings might surprise you.  

Do you want to know what money has to do with power (not what you've been taught to believe)?  

Want to deeply understand how all of these three elements are interplaying off of one another constantly in the energetic games we are all actively playing, consciously and unconsciously?  

Join Sydney Campos and Kevin Oroszlán in this 4-week Mastery Immersion in which you'll receive seldom discussed, ultra relevant, high frequency teachings on magnetism, energy mastery, sex magic and more to help you rewire your shadow into your most potent magnetism and pure embodied power.  

|| Your next-level consciousness upgrade awaits || 

In 4 weeks, what will life be like when you... 

  • Fully know how to harness your unique expressions of sexual, creative, financial and personal power energetics
  • Embody your highest vision for your soul purpose, prosperity, pleasure and radiant power
  • Heal your self-worth, own your authentic power and share your soul's truth
  • Optimize your energy and activate your money flow
  • Become a master of influence, magnetizing with ease that which you desire most
  • Learn how to create and sustain healthy boundaries around your own body, pleasure, and creativity
  • Enjoy more intimacy and depth in all of your relationships, especially with yourself
  • Fall in love with your body, mind and soul as you embody your personal power
  • Thrive within a completely new paradigm in which you truly create your own reality 

Your Mastering Magnetism Immersion Includes

  •  Four 90-minute LIVE Zoom calls with masterful training, guided practice instruction + live 1:1 and group coaching ($3K value)
  •  Custom-tailored assignments and inspired actions to activate your highest alignment, full power and embodied magnetism in all areas of your life ($5K value)
  •  Support with Sydney + Kevin within Private Online Members Portal ($2K value)
  •  Lifetime access to life-changing, transformational course content + curated participant community (Priceless)

Total Estimated Program Value: $10K

Your Price: $777 or $888 with Payment Plan

Your Mastering Magnetism Guides

SYDNEY CAMPOS 5D Visionary Mentor, Intuitive Advisor, Author + Energy Expert

KEVIN OROSZ (R)Evolutionary Coach, Creative Catalyst, Workshop + Retreat Ninja

Sydney Campos is a 5D Visionary Mentor, Intuitive Advisor, Energy Expert and Author of The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything. Sydney guides visionary leaders to live in alignment with their soul purpose while embodying next-level power, pleasure and prosperity.  

In addition to being a seasoned Business Strategy Advisor and Certified Holistic Health Coach, Sydney is also a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Energy Healer, and Certified Akashic Records Practitioner. Sydney shares her multifaceted inspiration through 1:1 visionary mentoring, transformational retreats, intuitive readings and the Visionary Souls Podcast

An avid adventurer, Sydney is likely to be found in Bali, Venice Beach, San Francisco or anywhere in Mediterranean Europe. Sydney has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Refinery29, Bustle and New York Magazine.

Learn more about Sydney's work with visionary leaders.

Kevin Orosz is a (R)Evolutionary Coach, Yoga Teacher, Retreat Facilitator and Co-Founder of the lifestyle brand Mystic Misfit. Kevin leads creative catalysts to activate their health, wealth, and happiness through business and art. He guides creators in anchoring future timelines of freedom, service and abundance.  

 In addition to being a certified Transformational Coach, Kevin is a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher in the Iyengar Tradition as well as a practitioner of Bioenergetics and Osho Active Meditations. He combines his mixed-transformational arts with 1:1 evolutionary coaching, ecstatic retreats, inspired content creation, and the Mystic Misfit men’s circles.  

A poet, philosopher, and spiritual warrior, Kevin can most often be found channeling epic downloads on camera, freestyle rapping, and bouncing between Southeast Asia and Central and South America.

 Learn more about Kevin’s work with evolutionary creators.