You ARE the one you’ve been waiting for.

You have all the answers. You already know.

You simply need support in navigating your way to the truth.

Uncover and release whatever blocks are standing in your way to embodying your true potential and high vision for your life.

Ready to FLY?

Believe it will happen fast once you are CRYSTAL CLEAR on what it is you truly WANT.

I’m here to support you 100% of the way. I SEE you in all your brilliance. I promise you, you ARE infinite. 

What are you here to bring forth?

Who are you here to BE?

What does it feel like to be truly EMPOWERED, connected, inspired and IN LOVE with your life?

What does it feel like to be in the FLOW and divinely inspired by your unique mission and calling?

Let me be a mirror to your brilliance.

Allow this sacred space to hold you in your absolute highest possibility.

Expect magic and miracles. Nothing less.

My name is Sydney and I’m here to support you in LIVING LIFE TO YOUR ABSOLUTE FULLEST. 

I’m here to tell you about my new VISIONARY EXPERIENCE program. It’s a 6 week in depth training that will UPLEVEL you in all areas of your life, including: SPIRITUALITY, INTUITION, HEALTH (MIND-BODY-SOUL), JOY + Creativity, LOVE + Relationships, and Career + FINANCE

Why did I create this PROGRAM?

I want you to experience deep transformation, freedom, abundance and liberation from OLD ideas and limitations keeping you SMALL. I want you to step into your VISION and know what it feels like to live a life of true alignment with your SOULS deepest desires and purpose.

It’s time to STEP into your POWER and release everything that’s in your way. 

My holistic program is DESIGNED to train you in leveraging new empowering beliefs and BEHAVIORS in your LIFE that will create drastic transformation

Each week you’ll receive a one hour in-depth video training from me, curated to the week’s topic which also reviews the week’s assignments for you to put into immediate action so you can start creating radical change. I also include guided meditations and other curated resources and inspiration to support you throughout this journey.

You’ll also receive special access to my private Facebook Group the MAKE ONLY MAGIC VISIONARY TRIBE in which you can receive support and celebrate your wins along the way as you complete each week’s actions - the group is filled with plenty of program graduates who can share experience and celebrate you as you create your epic SHIFTS.

If you want to feel more connected, experience improved intimacy, open yourself to receiving more abundance in all forms and most of all, feel confident, clear and EMPOWERED in sharing your beautiful GIFTS with the world, then my program is for you

I know that real change happens when we look at the ROOTS of our shadows and shortcomings - that’s the only way we can really RISE to the challenge and transform permanently. So, my program is a compressed COMPREHENSIVE experience in holistic transformation, to up level you in LIGHTNING speed. 

When you are READY to go all in and really rise to your true potential, everything changes, and faster than you may think

I spent years of my life living disconnected from myself and others, suffering with low self-esteem, anxiety and addiction along with many other limitations. It was through a holistic program of healing and personal development that Ive now created a life that’s truly beyond my wildest dreams. 

And this is what I am here for - to create a beautiful future in which you and me and everyone we are connected to can experience true freedom, empowerment and liberation from scarcity, fear or separation. I’m so blessed to share the tools and practices that have absolutely changed my life in powerful ways with YOU in my program. 

Give it a chance - and if you can prove to me that you’ve shown up and done all the work (sending me your written assignments from each week) and you don’t experience a DEEP transformation in your life, then you can have a full program refund, I promise.

If you’re interested in 1:1 support from me to amplify your journey and hold you even more accountable to rising to your greatness, email me now to get set up - I would love to hold you to your highest. 

I want this so badly for you

When you decide that you are worth it and that you truly deserve everything you truly desire, your entire world can change instantly. Suddenly you can feel more aligned than ever before and life can seem to flow with effortless grace and ease

In fact, this is what we are built for - this is the kind of life we are meant to experience. I truly believe this because I myself have experienced it firsthand after spending most of my life suffering, struggling and worrying that things would never be okay. 

If you’re ready to SAY YES to you and go ALL IN, click below to get started on the journey of a LIFETIME that will UPLEVEL you forever, now. 

I’m always cheering you on. LOVING YOUR LIGHT x


In just six weeks Make Only Magic Visionary Experience participants have created the following RESULTS::

  • "I am now taking responsibility for my feelings and how I can better take care of myself. This is so liberating."
  • "Gaining clarity on limiting beliefs and what NEW stories to choose instead; getting super familiar with old patterns so I can stop them in their tracks."
  • "Realizing I am a creative person with a ton of innovative ideas and that I deserve to express myself creativity - taking steps to explore my art, signing up for art classes and stepping into this beautiful expansive part of me I never knew before."
  • "Being able to more easily distinguish between my head and their heart, making confident decisions from INTUITION - so powerful."
  • Starting a new intimate relationship with a soul-partner.
  • "Doing things I never thought I would be able to do before and doing them anyway."
  • Two businesses LAUNCHED.
  • New relationships with MONEY as a FRIEND and creative ENERGY/empowering SOURCE of contribution.
  • Creating and LAUNCHING an immersive theater show in NYC.
  • Listening to and TRUSTING the body for its powerful, spot-on intuitive insights - learning tools and techniques to really trust its messages and establish regular communication = POWERFUL.
  • Healthier relationship with SELF and body in particular.
  • Improved communication with loved ones as a result of focusing on strengthening key relationships, making amends and establishing better boundaries, empowered with new communication tools.
  • Feeling CLEARER and calmer overall.
  • Experiencing better sleep as a result of new committed meditation practice (and creation of sacred space, new routine).
  • Booking a one-way ticket to Southeast Asia to live a DREAM VISION ADVENTURE.
  • Increasing quality time with friends and family and relationships that are DEEPLY nourishing.

And much, much more. #lifechanging

Your Six-Week Journey Includes

Thematic weekly curriculum inspired by my 6 month 1:1 holistic mentoring program, covering::

Week 1:: High Vision:: spirituality + self-care

Week 2:: Nourishment:: movement + nutrition

Week 3:: Career + Finance

Week 4:: Joy + Creativity

Week 5:: Love + Relationships

Week 6:: Celebration:: Gratitude + Manifestation

Live Video Instruction with Q+A each week, e-mailed to you as EASY as can be.

Exclusive training resources, guided meditations and exercises that mold your mindset, stretch your capacity to DREAM BIG and inspire you to COMMIT TO YOURSELF in a whole new way.


Practical actions to implement FOR LIFE that elevate you to your FULL power and NEW possibilities.

Exclusive access to The Make Only Magic Visionary Tribe PLUS an accountability buddy hand-selected by Sydney to share your jouney with.

Access to 1:1 support plus special offer invitations to LIVE trainings, workshops, retreats and masterminds.


Embodying clarity and confidence in your vision for all areas of your life.

Knowing what you want and what you’re here to create.

Culivating a deep sense of connection to yourself, your purpose, and the world around you.

Transformational development in mindset mastery, money, manifestation, limiting beliefs, fear and self-love.

Strengthened intuition and improved decision-making ability.

Development of new habits and routines that support you in feeling grounded, nourished, balanced and FREE.

New tools, resources and practical actions you’ll continue using in creating your dream life FOREVER.

Accountability, attentive support and intuitive guidance throughout the entire process.

Your very own tribe of global change-makers, magic makers and conscious creators that are here to celebrate you and hold you accountable to your epic vision.

Created by Multi-Dimensional Visionary Mentor, Intuitive Guide + Founder @ Make Only Magic, Sydney Campos


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