Akashic Awakening Virtual Retreat

Sunday May 24th, 2020

12-3pm PST / 3-6pm EST

Hosted in Zoom with Sydney Campos

Offered via love donation <3

Let's Fly

This is an intimate transformational journey for visionaries called to....

  • Become attuned to the Akashic Records + amplify your access
  • Connect with spirit guides, masters, teachers + loved ones
  • Become confident in discerning + trusting your inner voice
  • Receive guidance + affirmation on current inquiry + challenges
  • Receive potent transmissions of energetic healing
  • Practice exploring your gifts and play with soul-family
  • Deeply restore and rejuvenate your mind-body-spirit-soul
  • Continue activating with soul family in our WhatsApp portal

When we journey into the Akashic Records we can receive…

  • Guidance on our purpose, path and divine assignment
  • Clarity on any looming questions or concerns present in living the life we truly desire
  • Affirmation of truth we already sense within
  • Soul strategy for our current path, business, vision, relationships, karmic patterns, past lives, ancestors, etc.
  • Strengthened connection and affirmation of intuitive abilities and spirit guide awareness
  • Amplification of intuitive abilities and multidimensional awareness
  • High frequency energy transmissions to clear our fields, heal core wounds, amplify magnetism, enhance our gifts, and more

Learn more about 1:1 Intuitive Soul Sessions and Akashic Facilitator Training.

“Yes indeed- our time together was a magical portal of delightful energy, filled with graciousness and sweetness. Sydney holds a coherent and empowering container, where we all tapped into and explored the Akashic Records, while also having the opportunity of sharing our highest truths and transmissions, authentically. The amplified field that we co-created brought forth visions and guidance that spoke to each one of us and to us collectively- it’s just what I needed! Thanks Sydney for hosting the Akashic Awakening Retreat, I’m already looking forward to the next one!”

~ Kandice Anistara

“Working with Sydney is one of the most transformational experiences I have ever had! In just one hour, she channeled in so much of what was happening for me on a physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic, financial level. She tunes into the multidimensional aspect of your being and empowers you deeply. I felt so seen and understood the issues that were playing out in my life on such a deeper level. The transmission was so powerful. So much clarity came through on lifetimes of patterns and the shift that was happening. She is a channel, helping you awaken to your greatest potential with absolute love, presence, attunement, compassion, and magic!”

~ Mona Motwani

This retreat is offered via love donation - gift $1 $1 for now to receive the enrollment details.

Our retreat is hosted in Zoom Video and entails a group Akashic Record reading, meditation, energy healing plus guided practices, Q+A and soul-family sharing.

These sessions are empowering, healing and revelatory.

You will have a recording of the entire session (video + audio) to revisit over time as your transformation deepens and continues to manifest over the weeks and months to follow. New insights will arise as foreshadowed events and learnings materialize after our session.

All who sign up to receive this offering will also receive a custom protocol containing resources for integration plus unique energetic practices curated for you based on what guidance emerges in our session.

If you are an awakening, visionary soul on a mission to show up in your authentic truth, align with your destiny, embody your genius and receive guidance and affirmation regarding your unique contribution, let's play.

One you register you will receive additional details via email for how to prepare for our retreat experience.

Akashic Awakening Virtual Retreat

Sunday May 24th, 2020

12-3pm PST / 3-6pm EST

Hosted in Zoom

My reading with Sydney was beyond what words could describe. I was blown away when she was explaining why my children chose me. I also felt a sense of liberation when she told me that there were very practical and efficient ways to heal myself of certain “health conditions” that I’ve carried with my my whole life. We also did an energy clearing exercise during the session that got rid of some old blockages that have been residing and stuck in my body. I’ve been feeling great ever since! I also had most of my questions answered without me ever having to ask. This is something that I’ll definitely be doing more regularly with Sydney. It was so incredible! Highly, HIGHLY recommend!” 

~ Claudia C, Spiritual Teacher & Mentor

"I am highly intuitive and have a strong relationship with my Spirit Guides, so it would have been easy for me to say I had no need to try an Akashic Records reading (as I sometimes hear other healers say they get readings from no one else). I am truly so glad I decided to get one from Sydney. She has a gift for helping you see & own your unique soul work, & I left the reading feeling more empowered than ever. I was in tears within minutes of the reading and so much was revealed that I needed days to integrate everything. I felt seen, heard, & held throughout the session in the sacred container. I am still in awe of the experience & highly recommend it."

~ Kelly Knaub Holistic Life Coach, Kundalini Yoga Guide


Meet Your Guide

Sydney Campos is a Visionary, Wayshower, Intuitive Healer and Author of The Empath Experience. Sydney offers guidance to all who are called to live consciously and fulfill their soul purpose with playfulness, authenticity and mastery.

In addition to being a seasoned Business Advisor and Certified Holistic Health Coach, Sydney also shares her expertise through multidimensional healing, self-mastery courses, mentorship and the Visionary Souls Podcast. She is devoted to creating Heaven on Earth in all moments. 

Sydney has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Refinery29, Bustle, PureWow and New York Magazine. She gratefully resides at home on the island of Maui. 

Learn more about Sydney's work with visionary leaders.

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